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NRC May 21 2019

NRC Newspaper: “Photo press agency PAPA wins prize for unpretentious photography. PAPA, a photo press agency that does not photograph news but daily life, won “De Kleine Hans“, the prize for unpretentious photography. 

PAPA Wins Photography Price/A soft revolution in photojournalism.

De Kleine Hans Cup

A soft revolution in photojournalism. In 2010, Lino Hellings founded the international photo agency PAPA: Participating Artists ’Press Agency. She wanted to see what the world looked like on photos outside of the regular news. Do not look from the outside, but from the inside. She attracted photographers all over the world. She taught them according to the method of the Wild Walk: Take a walk. Photograph the things that catch your eye while walking. A detail attracts your attention, doesn’t matter what. Don’t wonder why. Collect calmly, you string later photos naturally come together like the beads in a chain. This creates a story that you do not yet know. The price is called: The Little Hans and is awarded to photographic work that without chance, mercy and modesty would not have come about.

PAPA Veldwerk # 11 Cascoland

Chicken for rent

Pakhuis De Zwijger Amsterdam 12 September 2018
Cascoland is an international network of creatives who share a fascination for interdisciplinary interventions in public space. Projects are initiated and developed by Fiona de Bell and Roel Schoenmakers

PAPA Veldwerk # 10 Melle Smets

Prohibited professions on the border between Colombia and Venezuela. V. l.n.r .: Bachateros (’Big ant’ moves household goods), Coyote (people smuggling), Moscas (lookout). © Dan Gamboa Bohórquez

Pakhuis de Zwijger 29 March 2018 at 20:00 
During this edition of PAPA Veldwerk, artist Melle Smets is a guest. Following a number of examples of Melle’s work, we not only discuss how he does field work, but also what kind of stage his ’research-based art’ demands. And if such a stage is not there yet, what would that look like?

Urban Stories Festival

(c) Tuoyo Omagba traffic jam economics

Pakhuis de Zwijger 15 March 2017. Urban Stories Festival. Photo Walking with PAPA
On the walk through the town with local researchers, amateurs and profs. What is the secret of PAPA's photo walk? How does it democratise our view of the city? An interview with founder Lino Hellings, international participants in the walk and lecturer Image In Context Anke Coumans, journalist Friso Wiersum from the Netherlands and architect Aya Tahhan from Ramallah Palestine.

PAPA Veldwerk # 7 André Thijssen

Andra Thijssen, Rosh Pinah,

Pakhuis de Zwijger 28 September 2016 During this edition of Papa Fieldwork artist / photographer Andre Thijssen is our guest. Photographing everyday things his eye falls on, he teaches you to look differently at the city. Lino Hellings, founder of PAPA, is discussing with Andre Thijssen fringe phenomena, back streets, the undecided moment, mysteries and open all valves and go and explore the city.

PAPA Veldwerk # 5 Annelys De Vet and Anton de Goede 8 March

Subjective atlas De Vet

Pakhuis de Zwijger 8 March 20:00 Entrance free make a reservation here
The designer Annelys de Vet and the radiomaker Anton de Goede will discuss questions as 'how do you give a voice to the actuality?' and how 'to indicate reality in other ways?'

PAPA Veldwerk # 3 Hans Aarsman 30 September 20:00

Hans Aarsman Zelf Weten theatre show

During this edition of Papa Fieldwork Hans Aarsman is the guest speaker. Hans talks about his work and his method. Lino Hellings, founder of PAPA, and Hans Aarsman will talk about  the way you look, how to collect and how to organize your findings. Reservation Pakhuis de Zwijger 

PAPA Veldwerk # 1: andrews:degen Pakhuis De Zwijger 20 May

Mapping the city Boekarest 2013. Foto: Andrews:degen

In the Fieldwork series PAPA invites a fellow field worker to talk about his / her approach and what it delivers. This time andrews:degen an office in visual communication, design and society.
Field work is research that you do on the spot where the 'action' is; street, home or workplace. Fieldwork makes sense if you look with an open mind and be pleasantly surprised by what you find. 
Pakhuis De Zwijger at 20 May 20:00 kleine zaal

Mobile Nigeria in Volkskrant

7 March 2014
Everything that doesn’t work in Lagos – and that is a lot – is made operative by the people themselves. That makes Lagos to such a bustling city that shimmers with creativity .
Text Lino Hellings Photos by Will Ayemoba , Eremina Jumbo , Andrew Esiebo , Tuoyo Omagba, Israel Ophori and Toye Gbade

Interview at PhotoQ bookshop in Amsterdam

PAPA, Wout Berger and Andra Thijssen

14th of November 2013 Ferdinand Bolstraat 1 at 20:00
by Edie Peters
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Longlist Dutch Doc Award
PAPA on the long list for The Dutch Doc Award

PAPA archive included in the International Institute Social History collection

Francis Nagy (intern) Frank de Jong(IISH) and Lino Hellings (PAPA)

Since 16 April 2019, the entire PAPA archive has been included in the archive of the IISH, International Institute of Social History. A beautiful milestone! For two months we plowed through the more than 1100 photos that the PAPA network has. We went through the work of the 65 photographers in Bangladesh, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Palestine and the Netherlands, introduced it and prepared it for delivery. Hooray hooray!

PAPA Veldwerk # 12 Teddy Cherim

VR documentary Meet the soldier

Pakhuis de Zwijger 20 February 2019 
Teddy Cherim is an award winning film director, writer, creative and all-round, stand up, ‘wish you were here’ kinda guy. Teddy studied at the Metropolitan Film School in London. In 2014 Teddy moved to Nairobi to become Creative Director at MIATV, a regional media conglomerate developing local high impact television programmes and documentaries.

PAPA in Palestine - critical city guide Ramallah -


Spring 2018 : PAPA in Palestine - critical city guide Ramallah -. Online available at and Bookshops Amsterdam NL: Pantheon, Athenaeum, Scheltema, Stedelijk Museum bookshop.

PAPA Veldwerk # 9 Fucking Good Art

FGA freestyle researchers

Pakhuis de Zwijger 29 March 2017. Guests are Nienke Terpsma and Robert Hamelijnck, the freestyle researchers and artists of Fucking Good Art, a traveling magazine and editorial project for research into the effect of art and the art world. They are interested in oral history, counter cultures, self-organization, DIT'Do it together 'and strategies and models outside the shores of the mainstream art market.
Lino Hellings discusses with Nienke Terpsma and Robert Hamelijnck the FGA fieldwork methods in collecting stories on location and in their research in archives where these stories are preserved and interpreted. On the material history of ideas and knowledge and the sometimes invisible networks through which ideas travel around the world.

PAPA Veldwerk # 8 tribute to Leon Deben

Leon deben explaining the city

Pakhuis de Zwijger 23 November 2016. During this edition of Papa Fieldwork we honour the recently deceased urban sociologist Leon Deben with among others Ineke Teijmant, Jan Dirk de Jong, Hansje Kalt and Paul Verberne.
As urban sociologist Leon has served the city and the neighborhood in which he lived tremendously. As a lecturer, he sent his students on the streets to count the homeless at night.  Society lies in the street was his motto, and take that in this case  quite literally. 

PAPA Veldwerk # 6 Cilia Erens

Cilia Erens in China

Pakhuis de Zwijger 22 Juin 2016. During this edition of PAPA Fieldwork sound artist Cilia Erens is the guest. Thirty years after her first recordings in the country, she did another a 3D sound research into the largest and fastest-changing urban society in the world: China. How do you map a city with your ears? How did Cilia listen  to the sound of the mega Chinese city scaling?

PAPA Veldwerk # 4 PolakVanBekkum and Marjolijn Boterenbrood

PolakVanBekkum 250 Miles crossing Philadelphia

Pakhuis de Zwijger 21 October 2015 20:00 
During this edition of Papa Fieldwork Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum (PolakVanBekkum) and Marjolijn Boterenbrood are the guestspeakers. Our guests will tell how they make maps with the discoveries they make in the field. Polak and Bekkum are pioneers in working with GPS and now use the latest technology. Marjolijn Boterenbrood digs her hands into the earth and follows her nose to know how it smells.

PAPA Veldwerk # 2: Het Kleurbureau Pakhuis de Zwijger 24 Juin

Foto: Rob van Maanen/project Kamperpoort Zwolle (Mulleners+Mulleners Architecten)

In the Fieldwork series PAPA invites a fellow field worker to talk about his / her approach and what it delivers. 
This time Het Kleurbureau  The Color Office for all questions in the field of color in the built environment.

Pakhuis De Zwijger at 24 Juin 20:00 kleine zaal
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PAPA Critical City Guide Dhaka Bangladesh

PAPA Critical City Guide Dhaka is published in October 2014.
OXFAM/NOVIB invited PAPA to do a PAPA Lab in Dhaka with a mix of photographers from DRIK and officers working in OXFAM/NOVIB and the partner organization YPSA. PAPA's method of reading the street in shared photo-walks gives an insight in the Tactics of Life in Dhaka.
This led to PAPA Critical City Guide (CCG) of Dhaka.
Order at 

PAPA at de Balie Amsterdam

20 November 20:00 De Balie Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10 Amsterdam PAPA is one of the initiatives that create their own happiness, well-being and economic systems apart from the prevailing crises and the underbelly feelings in society. Tonight they pitch their ideas. 
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Volkskrant Uitgelicht

Flyoverpapa, research of the area around the overpasses in three cities: The hague The Netherlands, Lagos Nigeria, Dhaka Bangladesh and Sao Paulo Brazil.

The Volkskrant will publish a series of PAPA photo's in the coming months. This one is to announce the book. Text by Hans Aarsman, pictures by Shahidul Alam, Toye Gbade and Lino Hellings